Scottish adventures

As promised, here is a post dedicated to the few adventures we've taken recently outside of Glasgow. We also took a trip to the amazing Cairngorms National Park last April, so you may see my post on that here. Firstly, the Scottish countryside is completely full of three things: 1) great natural beauty, 2) impressive … Continue reading Scottish adventures


Glasgow: a wee city overview

This is quite a nice city! Having had several weeks to explore now, I still have yet to do most of the touristy things. It's a very large, yet very walkable city. Here's just a couple notes on what I have found thus far about Glasgow: Rain. All the time. Most days, it rains lightly … Continue reading Glasgow: a wee city overview

Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections

It has been 9 months since Greg and I started our first Camino adventure, and this is something I meant to post way back I am back-dating it.  For any curious readers or anyone planning a future Camino adventure, the following is my packing list with comments. A bit further along, I will also … Continue reading Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections