Well that last blog post certainly taught me a lesson in humility….I bought my plane ticket right before the UK voted to leave the EU…after which airfares dropped by half. Instead of the $500 or so I paid (not really paid, I used up a bunch of travel credit card points), I could have gotten a direct flight to Paris for just under $300. Ooops. Note: next time pay closer attention to geopolitics.

In other news, I leave Colorado in just 1 month, and I leave the country in just under 6 weeks! Wahoo! I am getting more excited. I am also attempting to do all the things: tie up loose ends at my job, get rid of or store all my stuff, sell my trusty Subaru steed, figure out how to vote while abroad because because because, and spend as much time as possible with all the people I love here.

I got my visa from the consulate in Los Angeles and visited my dad a few weekends ago. My first experience with French bureaucracy went reasonably well; I simply brought all the documents they asked for plus copies. In typical Gallic fashion, the security guard hit on me. Though he certainly was not French. Now I just need to get my passport and visa back via FedEx. Fingers crossed that happens without mishap.

To come: I soon will post an Ode to Colorado mainly consisting of photos from the best of the best adventures I’ve been lucky enough to have over the last 6 years.


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