Packing for 7+ months of life/traveling

For those who couldn’t care less what and how I packed for a very long trip (or a relatively short living experience), you may take a look at the photo below and be on your merry way.


Everything fits!

For anyone interested, following is much more detail about what/how I packed. I am generally a light packer and it works well for me. Though I have, on occasion, under-packed. I’ve done the living out of a 50-liter pack for 3 months thing, and it was great. This time is different because though I am going to be traveling a fair amount, I am actually moving to live and work in a new spot. Strasbourg may be cold and rainy for much of my time there, and I will also be traveling to a couple other places with varying climates. Additionally, I plan on hiking/climbing/skiing at least a little bit if not a lot.
This isn’t necessarily meant to be packing advice for TAPIF or for long trips, this is just what works for me.  I may do a follow-up post in a few months to see if what I brought was sufficient and whether or not I wish I had packed differently.


The essentials:
Chapstick, Credit + debit cards, driver’s license, passport, work visa, birth certificate, the rest of the required legal documents plus approximately 7,283 copies of each one.
3 pants
2 capri pants
1 pair shorts
3 leggings
3 workout pants
9 tops
5 workout tops
3 long sleeve shirts
4 sweaters
3 dresses
1 skirt
9 pairs socks
14 undies
2 bras
2 sports bra
1 fleece
1 shell
1 down puffy
3 scarves
2 pairs gloves (1 light, 1 heavy)
2 hats (1 warm hat, 1 baseball cap)
hiking boots
nice boots
running shoes
ballet flats
flip flops
travel size shampoo (which also functions as body wash)
travel size conditioner
6 more chapsticks (I lose these like its my job. And I am very good at my job)
curly hair magic
Travel 1st aid kit:
Stash of OTC drugs (Ibuprofen, Dayquil, Benadryl, pepto bismal, Dramamine)
Calendula tincture (stops bleeding quickly + disinfects)
Stash of essential oils (travel favorites include tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint in very tiny bottles)
Medical tape
Cough drops
Laptop + charger
Phone + charger
Kindle + charger
Thumb drive
Climbing harness and shoes
Water bottle
Science lesson plans + other presentations for students (on thumb drive)
Gifts for hosting teachers (who doesn’t love Ghirardelli chocolates?)
small purse

Packing cubes: I have been told by many


All my tops and dresses fit in these two things!

people that these are the cat’s pajamas (why is that a phrase?!?). I do like being organized, so I am going to try a mixture of 1 packing cube, Eagle Creek Garment folders (thank you very much, Katy!), and my old standard method of “organized” piles.

And now all I have left to do is go!


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