I am lounging with my body covering as much of my baggage as possible in the train station at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. i am updating all you lovely readers because I need something to do to prevent myself from falling asleep. I managed to sleep 1.5 hours in the last 24, so ya know. My train for Strasbourg leaves in just under 2 hours.


Journey highlights include:

-Chatty (but not too chatty) neighbors on my first two flights. They were all above 70 and somehow shocked to learn I was above 20.

-Stepping off the plane in Iceland at 5:45 am local time and smelling the combination of brisk, clean, cold ocean + faint hint of plane fuel.

-To the great joy of Icelandair,  I learned so much about Iceland. Icelandair unabashedly and ferociously promotes tourism in Iceland.

-Getting chatted up by a nice, old French lady while waiting for the next flight. We discussed Kodiak, Alaska, recycling, and cultural differences between American and French attitudes toward work.

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