La foret noire + Updates + Help my cousin

Updates from the Black Forest (the one in Germany): It is not, in fact, black. It’s much more gray and green:


Black Forest equivalent of the Mist Trail


Black Forest trees


Black Forest Chestnut

I think the only other place I’ve encountered such thick, pea-soup fog was on top of Mt. Davidson in San Francisco on one of the foggier nights. I joined the local chapter of the Club Alpin Français so I could find some French  fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and I went on my first excursion with them this past weekend. It was a nice group of very fast walkers, and it only poured rain for 1/3 of the 23 km we hiked!

We started in a town called Sasbachwalden, meandered over to Mummelsee, and then hiked back a different way. Plus we stopped for cake at the end of the day.

That’s the second hike I’ve done since arriving here and the second time I’ve eaten cake directly after. Good tradition. Kind of mind-blowing for me that I went for a hike in an entirely different country with a different language, and was back home for dinner.

This week, I am meeting the rest of the students and classes, observing, and planning how exactly I should attempt to teach them some English. My favorite questions from students so far after introducing myself have included:

  • Do you know any very important persons?
  • Do you love France?
  • Do you eat cheese?
  • Do you have any pets? (answered, Not now, but I used to have a dog.)
  •  Response after the students caught the word, “dog”: “OOOEEEEEEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Un chien!!!!!!!”


In other news, my cousin and her boyfriend are very thankfully ok, but have lost all of their belongings and one of their cats in an accidental apartment fire this past weekend. If anyone wants to help her out, here is a way:


4 thoughts on “La foret noire + Updates + Help my cousin

    • It was lovely! I went with the Club Alpin Francais (CAF, Strasbourg chapter). Because I am a member, all I had to do was e-mail the hike leader and he told me the meeting place and time to carpool. But if you don’t want to join CAF, just find someone with a car or a bus, go to one of the towns in/around the Black Forest, and start walking! Take a topo map. There are a million trails to get from point A to B. And lots of signs. Have fun!

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