Classroom shenanigans part 1

I have now met all my students in all my classes. And next week, we have a two week vacation starting Wednesday afternoon. Bienvenue en France!


My early monday morning commute over to the college across town.

I have been given classes in almost every age group and English language level one might expect in 11 – 18 year olds in France at my collège and lycée. The different thing about Alsace compared to the rest of the country is that German is the compulsory 2nd language (starting in elementary school) for all students due to the region’s proximity to Germany. So my youngest students at the collège, the 11-year olds, are JUST starting to learn English now. One of the teachers has the students sing the alphabet song as a way to start each class. Pretty adorable.

My first class or two, I mostly observed how things worked and introduced myself. Update from last post about my favorite question:
Do you know 2 pack and Biggi? He meant Tupac and Biggie!
My next few classes, I had small groups of students, and depending on age and ability, I had them introduce themselves to me. I also played games with the older ones like Pictionary. It’s going to be tricky to plan slightly different lessons for each group and track everything. Good thing I am a database management expert. Not a phrase I’d ever imagined I’d say 🙂
Classroom discipline might be a pretty big issue in two of my 12 groups. Yes, 12! They want to spread me thinly so that as many students as possible spend time with the American…I think it would be far more helpful to have half as many groups and see each group twice a week. But I’m not in charge. More later.

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