Corsica part 2: Bastia

Continuing in Bastia…

I arrived late, nauseated from the train, and sweaty from my hike….super cute look. It was hot and much more humid than Ajaccio or the central mountains.

My roommate at the hostel was a very friendly woman from Toulouse who invited me to join her the next day. She had rented a car, and was planning to do a hike in the Desert des Agriates on the west side of Cap Corse.

The next morning, we drove over the mountains to the west side and started in Saint-Florent. The hike was along the coast the whole time, and beautiful despite the grey, crappy weather.

After a lovely morning and afternoon of hiking, picnicking, napping, and an ill-advised swim (ill-advised only because it was monstrously humid that day and my clothes did not dry at all….30 hours later and they were still damp), we drove over to Nonza, reportedly the most beautiful town on Cap Corse. Quite possibly true:

After that, we had just enough time to get back to Saint-Florent for a concert in their cathedral of typical polyphonic Corsican music. It was amazing music….I got the shivers! The group performing was called Meridianu:

Then we had a Corsican dinner: brocciu ravioli and veal, brocciu beignets, and wine. Brocciu is a type of Corsican cheese. Mild but tasty.

This entire, marvelous day was due to the kindness of that lady who let me tag along and due to the fact that she rented a car. Sadly, renting a car really truly is the best way to get around and see the good stuff.
My last full day, I explored Bastia. I also took a bus to a lovely nearby village, Erbalunga, and had lunch at the single open restaurant. Thankfully, the weather was much sunnier and much less humid.

Lots more I didn’t explore, so hopefully I’ll come back someday!

I am now on the bus heading back to Strasbourg from Berlin (only 10 hours to go!), and will post something about my trip there soon.


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