TAPIF and the 2016 Presidential Election

I’m really bummed not to be in the US right now for this historic election, putting on a pantsuit to go vote in person (don’t worry, I cast my absentee overseas ballot long ago!), watching the results come in real time, etc.
Obviously with the American presidential elections, I had to put something together for my students, and adapt the lesson(s) to all the different levels of English. At the end of each class, the students held their own vote:
My biggest challenge throughout all of this was attempting to remain impartial and to take Trump seriously in class. I am heartened to say that Trump got very few of my students’ votes and Clinton won in all of my classes. I also decided to give my later classes the option to vote “Other,” and several students picked that option.
In any case, the general attitude of the French people I know here is one of abject horror at the state of American politics. Some have tentatively asked me who I’m voting for, and then breathed a huge sigh of relief when I said, “Clinton.” I don’t love all the things Hillary Clinton has done, but I think (without even comparing her to her buffoon of an opponent) that she is incredibly qualified to run the country and to run it well. America, I better wake up tomorrow to hear we have our first female president!
2 days post election UPDATE:
For me, Trump’s election is a horrifying nightmare, and it feels awful. Now that we all realize how racist/homophobic/xenophobic our country is (but really always has been…this is not news to many), let’s work on fixing that. To that end, here’s an article I read and liked a lot:
Here are some of my students’ ballots…an insight into what French teenagers think about the American election.  From the mouth of babes:

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