Exploring Alsace

La vie strasbourgeoise: I am slowly making my way around Strasbourg and other parts of Alsace. Lots of cool things to see, do, and eat!

Recently, I went on a day trip to Basel, Switzerland where I met some friends. It’s a lovely city, though it’s about 5x more expensive to do anything in Switzerland compared to France.

It’s been a couple weeks of plugging away, attempting to make a positive difference in the English education of my 275+ students I see every week. So far, it has been frustrating more often than not (logistical difficulties finding empty classrooms, video projectors not working or completely missing, and the most difficult part for me: very unmotivated students), but I enjoy the good classes very much! Just need to figure out how to have more of those. Tips welcome.


Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I missed my family a whole lot on Thanksgiving, but luckily I am about to co-host a fabulous Friendsgiving dinner with my two excellent American friends in their super lovely apartment. I am in charge of making the stuffing (THANKS UNCLE DAVID!! <3) and the brussel sprouts.

For anyone who knows French, the following is a hilarious “survival guide” for helping locals deal with the craziness of the tourist hoards who descend on Strasbourg between November 25 and December 24 for the famous Christmas markets (les marchés de Noël):

Le kit de survie des Strasbourgeois pendant le marché de Noël (version 2016)

Peace and Love (we all need more of that in our world these days),



One thought on “Exploring Alsace

  1. My high school Spanish teacher used to write silly short stories (like 7-12 sentences) that included some key vocabulary (~5-8 words). Each of the words would have a hand motion to go along with it, too. She’d read the story to us once and teach us the motions and make sure we understood. Then we would all read it out loud together and do the hand motion whenever a vocab word came up. It was all about learning the words in context rather than just translating from English (I thought of it because of your drawings of leaf and leaves- good visual!) and I think the hand motions are supposed to help your memory.

    Was very fun and effective! I can’t remember if we had people act it out, too, but that would be fun. I still remember one was about the mystery of what happened to Enrique Iglesias’ mole, and another involved weather so we would pound our desks to make thunder sounds and she would flicker the lights for lightning. Not sure if it will be helpful with motivating unmotivated students, but we always liked it!

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