In between my attempts at helping French children learn English (muuuch easier said than done), I have been getting into holiday mode. I promise, I actually spend time working, but that isn’t as interesting or as photogenic as these other things.

Here are some photos of my first international Thanksgiving (4 Americans, 1 German, 3 French, 1 New Zealander, 2 Spaniards, and at least 6 Brazilians):


My first marché de Noel (Strasbourg):

Palais de pain d’épices (Gingerbread) in Gertwiller:


Paris at Christmas time! Gracie and I managed to see (and eat) a whole lot in one full day. Not pictured is the 4-note opera we attended.



2 thoughts on “Holidays!

  1. 1. Still drooling over the french pastries.
    2. Kyla and I think you look especially beautiful in that marche de Noel photo with the Baguette Flambée.


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