It’s winter!


View from the teacher’s lounge at my lycée….some students took it upon themselves to write a message in the snow: “SEND NUDES.” At least it was in English 🙂



I’ll just leave most of my snow stuff in Colorado….Strasbourg doesn’t get that cold, right? Oops. Vraiment oops. FYI, Strasbourg can get really really effing cold. And the humidity makes it feel much colder than the air temperature. Thankfully, I have discovered the magical world of Decathlon, the relatively low-priced sporting goods store. I was like a kid in a candy shop, eyes wide open, a feeling of ebullient glee, not even knowing where to begin looking. It was great! I got some bright pink snowpants, handwarmers, liners, and mittens. After outfitting myself, I not only was much happier commuting around town in the bitter winter fog, I also dove into some winter recreating!

A few days following my first European ski adventure, I went on a snow hike on an absolutely beautiful day in the Vosges:

Also noteworthy, I went to my first European protest. The Women’s March in Washington D.C. (following the inauguration of a president who has espoused and encouraged racism, sexism, homophobia, and tons of discrimination in general against anyone not white, wealthy, and male) not only had sister marches in cities all over the US, but also many around the world. I attended the small Strasbourgois gathering. It wasn’t massive or anything, and it was nearly eclipsed by a group of “Free Kurdistan” demonstrators with actual microphones and fire.

But I am very glad I went and it was good to see that there were 200+ other people who braved the cold, dark evening and showed up. Some people took it as an anti-Trump event. As much as he disgusts me, I am much more worried about the numerous acts of hate that he and his campaign have seemingly normalized, and I am scared about his “plans” for the United States and for the world. Onward. We must do better. I need to do better/more, I need to communicate more to my representatives in Congress about the BS that I know we must to change. 2017 goals.


2 thoughts on “L’hiver

  1. great post! i will be heading to Decathlon on your recommendation because I’m freeezing here in Colmar! i’m from the south and not made for this kind of winter!!

    but your skiing pictures and hiking pictures look so fun! my colleague has promised to take me hiking through the snow in the mountains soon!

    and you’re right about doing a better job communicating to our representatives in Congress. i need to make more of an effort!
    too bad we didn’t run into each other at the march, but glad to have known you were there! 🙂


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