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Thanks for the inspiration, Bola!  This is a fun idea for a travel blog post.  Also, you should all read Bola’s blog! She’s doing what I am doing, but in a different city in Alsace, and she is a great writer and photographer.

Tomorrow I am off on my vacances d’hiver (winter vacation) which will include: Paris – Marrakech – Fez – Bordeaux – back to Strasbourg. It will also include my most wonderful friend, Elise! And another friend, Verena, will be joining the party for the Moroccan portion of the trip.

To tide over my voracious readers (Mom, Cindy 🙂 ) until I can write about my upcoming adventures, here’s something:

Where is your favorite place you have visited?

This is a really really difficult question. I honestly don’t know. The first few places that stand out in my mind are Salta in northwestern Argentina, Istanbul, and the American southwest. But if I think about it longer than a couple seconds, there are so many amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Let’s just talk about Salta for now. Perhaps one of the most underrated destinations in Argentina, it is a beautiful desert region backed up against the Andes. In Salta, I remember beautiful landscape features (similar to the landscape in western Utah), the amazing music tradition of the pena, delicious wine, and a slower pace of life.


If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you pick?

Well, I happen to be going to Paris tomorrow, and I’m pretty happy about that. But if time/money/previously made plans were not an issue, I’d travel to Vietnam.

Would you rather go on a city holiday or a beach holiday?

Beach! I like visiting cities, but I am almost always happier spending time in nature, away from crowds. I love the beach, but I would be just as happy (if not even happier) in a remote mountain range.

What are 3 of your holiday essentials?

  1. Chapstick. no contest.
  2. Essential oils travel size (includes lavander, tea tree, spearmint, and either eucalyptus or thyme oil).
  3. Sad to say this, but my phone has become rather essential. I use it as my camera, to research options, and most importantly, to find my way around. During my trip to Corsica last fall, I tried to only use my phone for photos (so no internet, no communication, no Google maps, only paper maps). It worked for a few days. I’d like to try again soon.

Are you an Over-packer or an Under-packer?

Under. I pride myself on my light packing. But sometimes I forget something crucial. Woops.

What is your favorite thing about going on holiday?

I love exploring new places, navigating new cultures and languages. Oh. And the food. We have to eat every day anyway 🙂

What is one place you would never want to visit?

Well, there are several countries in the world I would not want to visit right now because of the political or military situation. Sectarian violence and sexist laws/customs aside, there isn’t really a place I don’t want to visit.

Who would you rather go on a holiday with, family or friends?

Probably friends. Though it would be wonderful to travel with my sister too.

What is the most adventurous dish you have tried from another country?

I’ve tried a few different things that Leah from 15 years ago would never in a million years have tried. I ate ants and rattlesnake, but that was in Colorado. Cow heart was really kind of gross. It’s not a nice texture. Oh, and I think I ate guinea pig in Cordoba, Argentina. That was ok until I encountered a piece of fatty flesh with thick, black hairs still attached. Didn’t finish that.

Who do you want to do this travel tag?

Gavi! If you feel like it 🙂


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