Great Scott!

When trying to come up with a clever title for this post about my trip to Scotland, I thought of this “Great Scott” business, but I wasn’t 100% sure what it actually means. So I asked the internet. I guess it is appropriate as a title here.

The very best part about this particular trip was the amazing scones with clotted cream and jam. The second best part was seeing my excellent boyfriend after an absence of three months. Just kidding! Seeing Greg was actually better than the scones.

Scottish weather is not my favorite as I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by the arid climate and abundant sunshine of Colorado, but it is lovely in its own way. I love the different Scottish accents, though some of them are verrry hard to understand. There were several times when I wondered if people were speaking Gaelic or English or something totally different. Usually it was just heavily-accented Scottish English.  Since 2005, Scotland has begun an official campaign to develop Scottish Gaelic  and ostensibly to increase the number of Gaelic speakers . This is in exciting contradiction to the 1616 British Parliament act that voted Scottish Gaelic to be “abolishit and removit from Scotland.” It was really cool to see bilingual signs all over, especially when we visited the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh (which, by the way, is a super weird but interesting building).

Though I know zero Gaelic, I did note that Gaelic shares at least one quality with French and English….it is incredibly un-phonetic and therefore difficult for foreigners to read/pronounce!

Edinburgh was very picturesque and felt super steeped in history (mainly because it is):

Glasgow had a much funkier, artsy, industrial, new vibe:

And finally, we spent a few days in the Highlands based in Aviemore exploring the Cairngorms National Park. Incredibly beautiful:


We traveled everywhere using public transit since Scotland has such great, reasonably-priced bus and train options. Plus driving on the other side of the road would have been an adventure of a different kind….not sad to miss that one. What a great trip!


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