Surgery abroad

La sécurité sociale de France!  I normally write about traveling adventures, but I also have written about my foreign experiences and interactions which don't necessarily fall into the travel category. So today, you'll get to read about my experience of having surgery in France. First of all, as a language assistant in France, I have been gifted … Continue reading Surgery abroad


Camino del Norte: Days 9 – 10, Bilbao

And it continues... Day 9: Gernika to Larrabetzu, 17 km. Some folks do the whole 30 km between Gernika and Bilbao in a day. But we've been going slowly, and felt no need to push it. This was a nice stretch through more rolling Basque country...though sadly lacking in places to stop for food and … Continue reading Camino del Norte: Days 9 – 10, Bilbao