Lyon on a sunny afternoon

Shalom from Tel Aviv! I finished TAPIF! It was a mixed experience, more on that in another post. My 20 hours in Lyon was just an incredible bonus tacked on to the beginning of my trip to Israel. I found a cheap and direct Transavia flight to Tel Aviv from Lyon, so why not!IMG_8383

It went something like this:

  1. Arrive from Strasbourg via TGV at Lyon Gare Part Dieu. Realize it is, in fact, rather far from the center of town. Walk to the center with all my stuff since two employees claim to have no knowledge of baggage lockers. I suspect they exist but oh well.
  2. Meander over to Vieux Lyon, admiring the beautiful sights and finding a hoppin place to spend too much money on toast. Tartine is essentially glorified and marked up toast. Very tasty, but still toast. IMG_8338
  3. Wander over to the location of the oldest christian church outside of Rome: IMG_8346
  4. Peak inside the Cathedrale Saint-Jean. The stained glass created a beautiful ambiance with the pinkish light hitting the columns.IMG_8354
  5. Haul my backack and my sorry butt up the hill to the Fourviere Basilique. There was a mass going on inside so we weren’t allowed to take photos, but the inside is spectacular with gilded mosaics and fancy ornamentation all over.

    View of Lyon from just below the basilica. If you squint, you can see the French Alps in the distance!

    But the best part was really the mass. I could tell immediately that it was not Latin, but I didn’t know what language it was. I asked the stern-faced lady in charge of kicking out tourists who flouted the “no photography” rule, and she informed it was Armenian! My first Armenian mass. The melodies were very beautiful, lots of mournful, minor keys.

  6. Wander some more. Eat a crepe. Drink espresso. IMG_8389
  7. Meet my very nice couchsurfing host. Drink beers and eat pizza. Realize the following day (May 1) is Labor Day in France and there will be zero public transportation. Find a Blablacar for the next morning. Sleep.
  8. Wake up, leave. Look for bike share to cross the city to meet my carpool. Finally, I found a non-empty bike rack and rode like a madwoman across the city to meet my Blablacar ride in time. Thirty minutes later and just barely made it!

All in all, a very wonderful bonus trip! Now I get to relax with my family in Tel Aviv for the coming 9 days before the next big adventure: el Camino de Santiago!


5 thoughts on “Lyon on a sunny afternoon

  1. To my knowledge, there are no baggage lockers at Lyon Part Dieu – I’ve lived here for eight months and have never seen one, nor any signs suggesting some may exist, at any rate. I absolutely love the quaint streets of Vieux Lyon and the view from Fourvière is magnificent, especially on a sunny day!


    • Ah ok, so they were telling the truth. Oh well! It’s alright since if they had lockers I would have had to cross the city again to get my stuff. In any case, great visit, and I’m looking forward to the next time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sadly, yep – I wish French stations had lockers like those in Switzerland and Germany, but alas they don’t. Glad you enjoyed your trip!


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