Camino del Norte: Days 1 – 3

Hola! I am writing this blog post from the bucolic albergue above the town of Orio. This is my current view:IMG_8793

So far so good! We are not moving as fast as I’d like because apparently I am out of “hill-walking” shape. Oops. Nothing like walking over mountains with a heavy pack to get in shape for walking over mountains with a heavy pack! Greg is fine since he went on a 200 mile stroll through the Scottish highlands in the last few weeks.

Alright here’s the deal.

Day 1: Irun to Pasai Donibane. Total mileage 17.9 km. The only pilgrim albergue in the tiny town was full, but the host gave us a phone number of a lady and she showed us to an “unofficial” private albergue which cost us 20 euros each and which we shared with a Slovenian family. That was lucky as there was zero other accommodation in or near town!

That first day’s walk was beautiful: IMG_8731But we made the rookie mistake of assuming we could fill up water bottles along the way. This is true for many stages of the Camino, but it was not the case on this first big day. Oops. We took a small detour to hydrate ourselves in the town of Lezo. Also…my feet were extremely displeased with the rest of me. But spirits were high!

Day 2: Pasai Donibane to San Sebastián. Total mileage 7 km. We had a very very short day since my feet decided to blister. We used our extra time in San Sebastián to buy some blister pads and nylon stockings (which have helped reduce friction when worn under my socks! Pro tip!), and to hang out on the exquisite beach. IMG_8784

Day 3: San Sebastián to Orio. Total mileage 16 km.

Also a beautiful walk. Rolling hills and ocean views after the initial short climb out of San Sebastián. I’ll stop writing so much about my feet, but you should all know that they are on constantly on my mind and frequently a topic of conversation among pilgrims. This isn’t a large albergue and there are nice folks here, including some small kids. It will be a lively dinner tonight!

I feel so lucky to get to do this!


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