Caminho Portugues: Days 1-3


After a delightful 1.5 days exploring Lisbon, G and I took the train to Porto to begin our 2nd camino journey!

So far so good. Portugal is beautiful!

I ate shellfish…and I liked it! First time for everything. We chose to do the coastal Camino because why not.IMG_9208

Day 1: Porto to Matosinhos (via the Littoral path), 12 km. We began walking at 5 pm and decided given our late start and my first day walking in a while, we’d go easy. It was hot! We got our credencials at the Porto Cathedral, dithered about exactly where to go and how to get there, and started walking! Porto is a beautiful city, and I’d love to return to really see it someday.

Day 2: Matosinhos to Vila do Conde, 23 or 24 km. This was a gloriously beautiful day of walking along the ocean almost the entire day.IMG_9161 This was also the day of my First Successful Shellfish Consumption. IMG_9175I was a picky eater my whole early life, and shellfish are some things I thought I still didn’t like, but I was deliciously mistaken. The only downside besides aching feet was that we arrived just barely too late to get a spot in the municipal albergue Santa Clara. We spent another night in a pensao.

Day 3: Vila do Conde to Esposende, 24 km. The first part of today was lovely along the ocean again. Then we hit a 10 km stretch which went inland on cobblestones. No food or water. Not ideal. Made it though! Missed the albergue again :/ There are just so many pilgrims. And they are all faster than we are. Damn. Interestingly, we have now encountered at least 3 Portuguese people who don’t speak English but do speak French.  Hooray for having useful skills!

Blister count: 1 large and un-drained monster on the side of my foot which might not actually be a problem. The adventure continues!


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