Caminho Portugues: Days 4 – 7

Day 4: Esposende to Viana do Castelo, 26 km (first 20 km on foot, last 6 km via taxi). That day was unfortunately hot and rather too inland for ocean views after the first 3 km. My ankle refused to cooperate by the time I hobbled into Chafe, so we called a taxi to reach Viana. And we managed to get beds in the albergue, our first albergue of the Caminho Portugues! Sadly it was one of the grungier albergues and we were viciously attached by hoards of mosquitoes while we slept. Nothing like a bad albergue experience to motivate an early morning start!

Day 5: Viana do Castelo to Vila Praia de Ancora, 19 km. Also a hot day, though nowhere close to the 40 degree heat some German pilgrims cautioned us about. The walk was mostly through small, cobblestone villages and roads with beautiful (and giant) flower bushes. IMG_9244

Day 5.5: REST DAY in Ancora. Small, friendly beach town in northern Portugal…really not a bad spot to spend a day resting.IMG_9254

Day 6: Ancora to Caminha (8 km), Caminha to Valenca via train (32 km), and Valenca to Tui on foot again (3 km). Caminha was a very nice town where we found a remarkable, large and tasty lunch for a mere 6 euros…including a hearty carafe of wine.IMG_9267

Stumbling to the train station, we enjoyed views of Galicia (Spain) just across the River Minha estuary. A short walk across the Portuguese – Spanish border took us into the beautiful/historic town of Tui.


Gregory is very excited to walk across the Spanish border.

Day 7: Tui to O Porrino, 17 km. Lovely, easy walk. The newer path goes through shaded woods instead of on concrete through industrial neighborhoods. We met a lot more pilgrims today than we had during the entire Portuguese part of the Caminho Portugues!


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