Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End

What an adventure! After Day 7, Greg wasn’t feeling very well, and so instead of walking from O Porrino to Redondela on Day 8, we took the train to Pontevedra, the next larger town after Redondela.

The following day while G rested, I took the first train backwards to Redondela and walked the ~20 km from there to Pontevedra solo.


Bridge at Pontesampio

It was lovely, and I ended up walking and chatting with à French pilgrim for half the day.

We spent the next two days taking it easy and exploring (really…just eating our way through) Galicia.

The best decision we made was to go visit a small, beautiful island about 30 minutes by ferry from the town of Vigo. Islas Cies beaches are called the Galician Carribbean, and they are gorgeous!

Following day:  we took up the scallop shell once more for our last two days of walking til our flight, and after a train from Vigo to Padron, we walked the 10 km to Picarana. It misted/rained most of the walk, but it was good to be on the Camino again!

I must say, the trains in this part of Spain are very nice and efficient and cheap! Go Renfe! This is what I’d hoped SNCF would be like….but French trains are generally very pricy even for short trips.

LAST DAY on Camino (for now): Picarana to Santiago de Compostela, 14.5 km. Mostly avoided the rain, but it hit us hard at 2 km away from Santiago.

Still a nice walk overall. The cathedral is immense, and it was surprisingly full of people listening to some clergyman. Very guilded.

Total kilometers walked: 174. Total on the section we walked on the Camino del Norte in May: a lot. Maybe around 140? Very good journey! Can’t wait to try and manage a full Camino. And I may have to change the title of my blog if I keep having such excellent, non-solo adventures.



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