Hebridean Island adventures

Hello friends! Here are some overdue updates after several recent adventures throughout the Scottish Hebridean Islands. I have recently been feeling quite beleaguered by my new job which is both physically and mentally exhausting while also not something I like doing. So that's a bummer. But otherwise, things are good, and G and I have … Continue reading Hebridean Island adventures


Dutch adventures

As for my second most recent adventure, Greg and I spent a long weekend roaming around the Netherlands! Despite some frustrating challenges, I am continually amazed at how lucky I am to be in a position to do so much traveling around Europe at a relatively low cost. I am working on expressing more gratitude. … Continue reading Dutch adventures

Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections

It has been 9 months since Greg and I started our first Camino adventure, and this is something I meant to post way back then....so I am back-dating it.  For any curious readers or anyone planning a future Camino adventure, the following is my packing list with comments. A bit further along, I will also … Continue reading Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections