Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End

What an adventure! After Day 7, Greg wasn't feeling very well, and so instead of walking from O Porrino to Redondela on Day 8, we took the train to Pontevedra, the next larger town after Redondela. The following day while G rested, I took the first train backwards to Redondela and walked the ~20 km … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End


Caminho Portugues: Days 4 – 7

Day 4: Esposende to Viana do Castelo, 26 km (first 20 km on foot, last 6 km via taxi). That day was unfortunately hot and rather too inland for ocean views after the first 3 km. My ankle refused to cooperate by the time I hobbled into Chafe, so we called a taxi to reach … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 4 – 7

Surgery abroad

La sécurité sociale de France!  I normally write about traveling adventures, but I also have written about my foreign experiences and interactions which don't necessarily fall into the travel category. So today, you'll get to read about my experience of having surgery in France. First of all, as a language assistant in France, I have been gifted … Continue reading Surgery abroad