Another 4-country day

Bonjour mes amis! Tomorrow I leave my lovely Gallic-Alsatian hideaway and head to Lisbon! I am very excited since a) I am feeling much better after my forced 2+ weeks of recuperation, b) I get to go to Lisbon, a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time, and c) Greg will … Continue reading Another 4-country day


Day trip: Heidelberg

We headed straight to the schloss! Heidelberg is lovely. Also, it has an incredible history. Two thumbs up. I am a lucky human. It got sunny:   Apothecary museum (Free entry!!):   Mark Twain spent time in Heidelberg and wrote about this GIGANTIC wine cask in his book, A Tramp Abroad: And there was a students' prison. … Continue reading Day trip: Heidelberg