Another 4-country day

Bonjour mes amis! Tomorrow I leave my lovely Gallic-Alsatian hideaway and head to Lisbon! I am very excited since a) I am feeling much better after my forced 2+ weeks of recuperation, b) I get to go to Lisbon, a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time, and c) Greg will … Continue reading Another 4-country day

Bavarian-Tyrolean Roadtrip

Voila, encore les vacances! Well, we've been working for 6 weeks now, so it's time for some more vacation. I started off by driving with my friend, Verena, one of my Moroccan adventure co-conspirators, from Strasbourg back to her hometown of Goldrain, Italy. It is in the German-speaking part of Italy (much to my surprise … Continue reading Bavarian-Tyrolean Roadtrip