Caminho Portugues: Days 1-3

  After a delightful 1.5 days exploring Lisbon, G and I took the train to Porto to begin our 2nd camino journey! So far so good. Portugal is beautiful! I ate shellfish...and I liked it! First time for everything. We chose to do the coastal Camino because why not. Day 1: Porto to Matosinhos (via the … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 1-3

Camino del Norte: Days 4 – 8

Hola amigos! We have delved deeper into Basque Country, and I have now mastered exactly one phrase in Basque: "eskarrig asko" which means "thank you." Here's the scoop.... Day 4: Orio to Zumaia, 16.8 km. We stayed in a 400+ year old monastery, San Jose. It had a beautiful garden and I got to eavesdrop on … Continue reading Camino del Norte: Days 4 – 8