Another 4-country day

Bonjour mes amis! Tomorrow I leave my lovely Gallic-Alsatian hideaway and head to Lisbon! I am very excited since a) I am feeling much better after my forced 2+ weeks of recuperation, b) I get to go to Lisbon, a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time, and c) Greg will … Continue reading Another 4-country day


Teacher life update

For my friends and family I'm in touch with regularly, you already know some of my thoughts, frustrations, and negative experiences working as a language assistant in a French middle school and high school through TAPIF. So far, the main things I do like about this experience include getting to live in Strasbourg, meeting and … Continue reading Teacher life update

There are no boring places…only boring travelers!

Sometimes, the BBC Travel section publishes decent stuff: I don't totally agree with everthing Mr. Weiner writes here, but he brings up several good points which apply not only to travel, but also to life in general. As I've been pondering my next steps in life, I also went back to thinking about why I want … Continue reading There are no boring places…only boring travelers!