TAPIF wrap-up and travel reflections

Bonjour from Tel Aviv (still). I said I'd write something about my experience teaching English in France and I will...I didn't win "Most Dependable" in the 6th grade pop polls for nothing! So here's a very little bit: Summary of TAPIF from my perspective...teaching is very difficult, and I am very happy I got to live in … Continue reading TAPIF wrap-up and travel reflections

Teacher life update

For my friends and family I'm in touch with regularly, you already know some of my thoughts, frustrations, and negative experiences working as a language assistant in a French middle school and high school through TAPIF. So far, the main things I do like about this experience include getting to live in Strasbourg, meeting and … Continue reading Teacher life update

Exploring Alsace

La vie strasbourgeoise: I am slowly making my way around Strasbourg and other parts of Alsace. Lots of cool things to see, do, and eat! Recently, I went on a day trip to Basel, Switzerland where I met some friends. It's a lovely city, though it's about 5x more expensive to do anything in Switzerland compared to … Continue reading Exploring Alsace