How to spend a weekend in: York, England

Instructions: Go to York. Where is York? If you don't know and you don't feel like checking Google, it is in northeast England, slightly inland, about 2 hours south of Edinburgh by train or 2 hours north of London by train. Admire/walk on top of the medieval city walls. York is one of the only cities … Continue reading How to spend a weekend in: York, England

Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End

What an adventure! After Day 7, Greg wasn't feeling very well, and so instead of walking from O Porrino to Redondela on Day 8, we took the train to Pontevedra, the next larger town after Redondela. The following day while G rested, I took the first train backwards to Redondela and walked the ~20 km … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End