Hello, I’m Leah!


I’m an adventurer, a scientist, a musician, a lover of life, and a fan of the Oxford Comma. I started a blog to record my post-university WWOOFing adventures…and then continued it to record each of my subsequent international adventures and related reflections.

Recently, I finished my 7 month contract teaching English at a middle school and a high school in Strasbourg, France with TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). I will be very busy in the coming months with a lot of travel and other surprises. Stay tuned.

This blog is a re-vamped continuation of the blog I started in 2010, so if you are curious about some of the places I traveled between April 2010 and May 2015, you may peruse here:


This site is partly a way for me to easily update my friends and family on my latest shenanigans, partly filled with budget travel tips to inspire world exploration, and partly a public journaling exercise. Enjoy!