Hello/Salut/Shalom/Hola, my name is Leah!


I’m an adventurer, a scientist, a musician, a lover of life, a recently minted software engineer, an American, and a fan of the Oxford Comma. I started a blog to record my post-university WWOOFing adventures…and then continued it to record each of my subsequent international adventures and related reflections.

I have been living outside the United States for the majority of the last 2.5 years, and have happily taken advantage of my European home bases to do lots more traveling in this part of the world (specifically France then Scotland). I occasionally post about some non-travel adventures since life is full of those too.

This blog is a re-vamped continuation of the blog I started in 2010, so if you are curious about some of the places I traveled between April 2010 and May 2015, you may peruse here:


My blog is partly a way for me to easily update my friends and family on my latest shenanigans, partly filled with budget travel tips to inspire world exploration, and partly a public journaling exercise. Enjoy!