Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End

What an adventure! After Day 7, Greg wasn't feeling very well, and so instead of walking from O Porrino to Redondela on Day 8, we took the train to Pontevedra, the next larger town after Redondela. The following day while G rested, I took the first train backwards to Redondela and walked the ~20 km … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 8 – End

Caminho Portugues: Days 4 – 7

Day 4: Esposende to Viana do Castelo, 26 km (first 20 km on foot, last 6 km via taxi). That day was unfortunately hot and rather too inland for ocean views after the first 3 km. My ankle refused to cooperate by the time I hobbled into Chafe, so we called a taxi to reach … Continue reading Caminho Portugues: Days 4 – 7