Back to Europe…via Iceland!

Bonjour mes amis! After a very amazing Camino de Santiago, a short London visit, what felt like a whirlwind two months in Colorado and California, and 38 hours in Iceland, I am now back in Europe! Sort of. Sadly I am not in France, I'm in Glasgow, Scotland for an undetermined amount of time. More … Continue reading Back to Europe…via Iceland!


Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections

It has been 9 months since Greg and I started our first Camino adventure, and this is something I meant to post way back I am back-dating it.  For any curious readers or anyone planning a future Camino adventure, the following is my packing list with comments. A bit further along, I will also … Continue reading Camino del Norte/Camino Portugues: Packing list and reflections

Morocco 1 of 2

Encore les vacances! Thank you, France. During yet another vacation period, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with my dear friend, Elise, and with a lovely fellow language assistant friend here in Strasbourg, Verena. The three of us had several great adventures in Morocco: Marrakech - very cool city. We got incredibly lost in the … Continue reading Morocco 1 of 2